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One of the hardest situations we face as pet parents, is when it is time to say goodbye. As an Animal Communicator, I can help ease the burden for you and your animal loved through the death and dying process. Understanding your animals’ needs and your own can be very helpful in finding completion and even peace.  

Our animals can help us with our decision making process, and let us know if they are ready to go, or not just yet.  Our animals can tell us their final wishes and what they wish to do before they go.  I can tell your animal how much they mean to you and the things they did for you that you really appreciated; this means so much to your animal loved ones.  

Animals are sentient beings and they grieve just like we do.  A death in the family can have a traumatic effect on our animal companions; they need and want to understand what is happening in their world. Without communication our animals are left with no idea of what is going on in the family, which can cause extreme stress or even cause the development of physical symptoms and behavioral issues.  

A communication session with your animal to discuss a death that is going to happen or has already happened, and to talk about how and what they are feeling, and find out what they need from us can help you and your animal so much during these times.  


Loosing an animal companion can be extremely difficult to overcome as we may feel guilty about our pet’s passing, there may be something we never had the chance to tell our beloved pet before they left, or maybe we didn't get the chance to say goodbye.  

As an Animal Communicator, I am able to connect with your pet and help you cope with your grief and loss.  

In this session you get the opportunity to tell your animal anything you need to say.  Our pets are happy to talk with us after they have passed, often conveying loving messages from the other side.  They always have our best interests at heart and do not want to see us suffering.  In my experience, animals remain deeply connected to their humans on the other side even if they have reincarnated.  As more people become open minded to the idea of animal communication and the possibilities that exist, I find it is very easy to connect with an animal that has passed.  

Your pet wants you to understand what they feel about death and dying and why to them, it is not the end of their journey.  Often how, why and when our pets pass is part of the lesson of love they have for us. 

If you need help with coping with pet loss, I can offer you several resources in addition to a communication with your beloved.  


Jenn has helped me to understand and accept the loss of my precious Simon.  Through her gift of animal communication I was given the gift of sending love to Simon at the Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you Jenn!  Prospective buyers have confidence in her brand, products and customer service. 

Tannie Kindlan                                                                                                                              

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