Jennifer Dawson 

Wellness Solutions for People & Their Pets 


How it's done

I am able serve people and their pets from all over the globe using biofeedback.  Only a hair sample is needed to run the assessment, along with intake paperwork.  A phone or email consultation is performed prior to the assessment as well after the scans are ran to discuss the results and answer any questions you have.  

Treatment is provided by way of homeopathic remedies with strict dosage and timelines given.  The remedies can be placed into the pets food for easy application and can be shipped to you or picked up in Red Deer.  The balancing frequencies can also be transferred into clear quartz crystals to add to your pets collar or water bowl. 

 Treatment plans vary from 3-6 weeks (the technology determines the length) and a minimum of 3 full assessments with treatments are recommended.  Animals respond quickly to this form of treatment and sometimes they may need much less.  I have seen full recovery with just one round of treatment using the biofeedback technology.  

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Please note:

The contents of this website are not intended as substitutes for professional veterinary care.  I do not diagnose conditions, treat disease or interfere with the treatment of a licensed veterinarian. When seeking help with any medical condition for your animal, always consult veterinarian.