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What is Biofeedback?

A form of Vibrational Medicine that uses sophisticated computer software to read your pets energy field. Only a hair sample is needed to run the assessment. The software is based on the concept that "like treats like" and the treatment plans use energized dilutions to neutralize stressors and effectively bring your pet's body back into a balanced and healthy state.

How does it work? 

If you recall from science class, everything is made up of atoms and because the protons, neutrons, and electrons are moving at such a rapid pace , they create a vibration and that vibration creates an energetic frequency.  The QEST4 Biofeedback device simply detects stressors in the energetic frequencies of the animal and supplies a balancing or neutralizing frequency. 

It works like a 2-way radio, as it scans for a signal and then reads it, then based on the information it receives, it emits a signal in response.  For example, if the QEST4 detects the frequency of the pathogen that causes Lyme Disease, it will send the opposite frequency to neutralize the energy.  

What can it help with? 

The QEST4 Biofeedback device can be used for energy balancing for countless imbalances of the mind, body & spirit.  It has been used to recover from physical or emotional traumas as well as to remove stressful influences to allow the body to heal on its own. 

How are biofeedback sessions performed? 

I am able serve people and their pets from all over the globe using biofeedback.  Only a hair sample is needed to run the assessment, along with intake paperwork.  A phone or email consultation is performed prior to the assessment as well after the scans are ran to discuss the results and answer any questions you have.  

Treatment is provided by way of homeopathic remedies with strict dosage and timelines given.  The remedies can be placed into the pets food for easy application and can be shipped to you or picked up in Red Deer.  The balancing frequencies can also be transferred into clear quartz crystals to add to your pets collar or water bowl. 

Treatment plans vary from 3-6 weeks (the technology determines the length) and a minimum of 3 full assessments with treatments are recommended.  Animals respond quickly to this form of treatment and sometimes they may need much less.  I have seen full recovery with just one round of treatment using the biofeedback technology.  


•Healthier fur that is soft and shiny with significant reduction of shedding
•Reduction of bad breath
•Reduction of itching, scratching, chewing paws or excessive licking and grooming
•Accelerated healing from illness and injuries
•Reduction in separation anxiety
•Animals who are fearful and anxious become calm and confident
•Resolution to hostile relationship issues between animals
•Improvement in mobility and energy levels
•Ceasing of throwing up food or hairballs 



Biofeedback for Animals Jennifer Dawson Wellness

Sorry this is a bit of a read.. but you will want to read this!!! So I have some very exciting information for pet owners. This weekend I met with one of my friends that now offers one of the most amazing things I have seen. Those that know me will know my love for Chinese Medicine and how this practice can diagnose things in the body that you would not know to think of based on symptoms. Jenn did this session on my Eddy yesterday. It was truly remarkable ! Now keep in mind you do NOT have to have your pet present to do this. 

This system can do a full body analysis and then some, it can find things that are potentiall issues before they become real issues. It goes into emotional and physical issues, food allergies, blood, organ... the list is ENDLESS! THEN they do what is called an "imprint" of energy related to what is needed to help heal those issues that are there. Think of this like the BACH flower or crystal essences, its about imprinting the frequency of say a herb into an elixir. (I am sure I am not explaining this right LOL)

I PERSONALLY had a session and was blown away by what it could detect! I wanted to ensure that there is no underlying health issues given my age and family history. Though I feel healthy other than fatigue, I wanted to be sure. So today is day one after, and I started my drops yesterday. Today, so far I feel good! I woke up this morning and didn't feel like I could get out of bed and that I needed to sleep another 8hrs. I feel more awake (and that was before my coffee!), I will keep you posted on my progress but I really encourage anyone looking for alternative health options PLEASE see Jenn!

Eddy's session was easy because he LOVES to be held, his report was interesting. I learned allot more about his little body and what I can do to help him. He has a few health issues that I wanted to be sure what they were and how I can help him. He started his drops today and I will keep you all posted on how things go!

There is more to this than I can write, so PLEASE watch for the info class coming up so you can come hear about this amazing tool! If you are not from Red Deer that is ok! you can send in hair samples to them and get the same session.

This is absolutely worth the investment into your own health and the health of your pet!

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Red Deer, Alberta 

Biofeedback for Animals Jennifer Dawson Wellness