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What is Animal Reiki? 

A healing modality that is founded upon traditional Japanese Human Reiki techniques and philosophies that can treat one animal or a group of animals.  Animal Reiki is a mindfulness that is practiced "with" animals rather than an energy therapy being done "to" them. Animal Reiki honors each animal as a sentient being and spiritual teacher; practitioners learn to listen to animals and become receptive to their healing gifts and spiritual wisdom. Touch is only used if the animal seeks it out from the practitioner. Reiki balances the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects and provides a sense of nurturing, well-being & security for animals.  

How does it work?

Animals have several energy centers which run through their entire body.  Every thought, action and emotion will influence these center's either positively or negatively. The health of these energy centers can play an integral role in the well-being of your pet.  Reiki can balance these areas and promote many beneficial effects.  Keep in mind, an animal Reiki session isn’t about expectations of how the animal should behave, nor it is focused on specific healing outcomes. An Animal Reiki session is about staying present and simply “sharing Reiki space” together and not focusing on what is “wrong” with the animal.  A practitioner strives to create conditions of compassion and peace, so animals can build trust and connect with them.  Scientific studies show that Reiki activates the parasympathetic response, bringing balance, stress-relief, pain-relief and a sense of wellbeing to the client.

How are remote Animal Reiki sessions performed?  

Using a photograph of your animal I am able to connect them and apply the Reiki principles in the same manner as an in-home session.  Sharing Reiki space remotely is just as effective as sharing it with an animal that is physically present.  The animal leads the way in Reiki and it is up to them to decide how they would like the treatment to proceed and for how long.  Most animals relax during a Reiki treatment, some will fall asleep, or show their gratitude by wagging their tail or purring.  There are various healing responses that animals convey to know they are in acceptance with the Reiki energy; an Animal Reiki treatment can last up to 60 minutes.

Each session begins with an evaluation of your pet, their history and your concerns with an action plan given on how to support your pet based on the session.  Generally 3-5  consecutive sessions are recommended but single sessions are available.  


  • Accelerated healing from illness and injuries
  • Significant reduction in separation anxiety
  • Help anxious and fearful animals become calm and confident
  • Ease hostile relationships between animals
  • Cease inappropriate elimination
  • Relaxation & stress reduction 
  • Improved mobility & quality of life enhancement 
  • Heals trauma & abuse 
  • Helps newly adopted pets adjust 
  • Pre and Post-Surgery care 
  • Greif and loss


When Jennifer asked me if she could send distance reiki to Max I was delighted.  She has years of experience with reiki and I was happy to assist her in obtaining her animal reiki practitioner certificate.  I knew Max would only gain from the experience.  The next morning, Max was almost puppy like (he is 3 years old) and was a bundle of energy and seemed happy as can be!  I will definitely call on my daughter for reiki for Max in the future.

Susan Collinge 
Westbank, BC

Animal Reiki Testimonial Jennifer Dawson Wellness