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What is Animal Communication?

Connecting mind-to-mind or soul-to-soul with an animal that creates an active dialog that is non-verbal in nature.  An animal communicator is able to listen to what the animal has to say and provide feedback to pet parents about issues that may be going on. Animal communication is about interpreting the animals messages and being an advocate for the animal, as well as to give support to pet parents by clarifying issues  (for example: unknown behavior problems, upcoming household changes, the end of life care process). 

How does it work? 

Many behavioral and emotional problems our pets have are caused by confusion and lack of clear communication between the pet parent and their pet.  It is important to find out what your pet is thinking and to understand their perspective and needs, as this can positively change the situation. An animal communicator can tune in with your animal through a meditative state and telepathically connect with them to gain and send information, creating a non-verbal but active dialogue.  Animals generally communicate through pictures and feelings.  

How are remote sessions performed?

Using a photograph of your animal I am able to connect them in the same manner as an in-home session. Each session begins with an evaluation of your pet, their history and your concerns with an action plan given on how to support your pet based on the session.  


 - behavior problems

 - separation anxiety

 - resolving conflicts

 - end of life care 

 - household changes

 - explain pet parent absences 

 - gain your pets perspective 

 - understand your pet better


I don’t even know where to start, Jennifer has been our saviour and has brought nothing but peace and happiness into our home. Our puppy was abused while we were away on a trip, when we got home we seriously new something wrong. My old landlord got me in contact with Jennifer and after an hour and half of tears and laughing we felt like we had our old puppy back and felt even closer to him. We continue to have her come back and communicate with him more and perform reiki on him to continue to help heal him. Every session brings a sigh of relief to us and we find it such a blessing to have Jennifer be able to allow us to talk to our fur baby ♥️ will always recommend.                           


Morgan Rae

                                                             Red Deer, Alberta 


Jennifer is helping our cat Lukie connect to his Dad. Lukie is afraid of people, men in particular. In the second session Lukie sat with Jennifer and said he would try and be more open to John petting him. Then a couple of days later a friend came over and Lukie let her pet him. That is amazing! She also communicated with our beloved Dallas who had passed. We know he still loves us. We will definitely call Jennifer many more times.  

Diane Webber
Red Deer, Alberta 


Jen came and gave my fur babies a reading yesterday along with some healing. All I have to say is that it was amazing! Jen has an unbelievable gift and I am so glad she is doing this work with the animal kingdom, and sharing this gift! I highly, HIGHLY recommend her to communicate with your animal!

Megan Elizabeth 
Kelowna, BC