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"By far the very best days of my life have been spent in the company of an animal"
Jennifer Dawson Animal Communicator
Jennifer Dawson Animal Communicator
Jennifer Dawson Animal Communicator
Jennifer Dawson Animal Communicator

Jennifer Dawson is a Biofeedback Therapist, Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Healer operating in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. She is able to serve people and their pets from any location through distance and remote sessions.  She is passionate about helping people and their pets live pain free, productive,  happy lives while providing a roadmap to prevention.  She supports people and their pets by using biofeedback therapy, Animal Reiki & Telepathic Animal Communication, sometimes in combination.  

She enjoys creating loving relationships and bringing harmony to the home through Animal Communication and Reiki healing, and providing pet parents substantial evidence of what is going on with their pets health through biofeedback therapy while offering holistic treatment that gets profound results.  

Her journey started as a Reiki Master in 2008, and in 2015 she was guided to heal the animal kingdom.  She took her Animal Reiki certification to Whisker Rescue and the SPCA and was blown away by the experiences she had, seeing the animals truly engaged and relaxed in Reiki bliss.  As she worked with the animals, they helped her to develop her ability to communicate with them telepathically. She quickly realized this form of communication provided pet parents peace of mind and helped people understand their pets better. She organically discovered that offering Reiki to an animal while communicating with them at the same time, was a powerful and effective healing tool.

In 2017 she discovered a healing technology called biofeedback using the QEST4 system.  She sent her hair sample to the technician to give it a try.  Her goal was to find out if there was more going on with her long-term knee problem and to see what the machine picked up. She was blown away by the assessment results, as the machine detected items that she could connect with along with some surprises and she did receive answers to her knee issue which turned out to be connected to her emotions.  

Within 6 weeks of treatment she was noticing how good her knee felt.  For the first time in a decade she could use the stairs like normal again (instead of taking one step at a time), and was able to do yoga comfortably.  She had more energy, less brain fog and way better digestion. She had a good feeling about this technology and knew she wanted to add it into her practice to further help pets get relief from their health challenges and allow pet parents to be proactive in their pets wellness.  

After extensive training with Natural Solutions Preventative Health Care in the United States and hundreds of hours of studies, she became a Certified Bioenergetic Technician and has seen phenomenal changes in the health of herself, her cats and other animals using the technology.  

To date she has helped hundreds of animals become more confident, be heard, release their anxiety and  heal from their traumas and wellness challenges, while transforming the human-animal relationship.


Certified Bioenergetic Technician
Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner
Certified Reiki Master
Member of the Canadian Reiki Association

Canadian Reiki Association

Mieko, my soul mate and healing partner  

I met Mieko at the SPCA when looking for a friend for my other cat Tejo.  I was just about to leave the cat room when I saw a little black paw extend from a kennel as to get my attention.  I asked the attendant what the story was on him and she told me he was found on Burnt Lake Road and had been recently neutered and was recovering well. I had her gently take him out and place him in my hands.  He instantly nuzzled up to my the left side of my neck and purred and purred.  I immediately felt a tremendous bond and fell  madly in love with him and adopted him on the spot!  

Years later as I was working on my Animal Reiki practicum, it was Mieko who first connected with me telepathically and opened my ability.  He told me we had a soul contract and have lived all our lives together, including being several animals I loved and lost growing up on the farm who he proudly named one by one.  

Mieko will often join me in communication and Reiki healing sessions by sitting on my lap or somewhere in the sacred space to offer his support and light.  

Healing Companion

Encounter with a Tarantula  

Red Deer 

My life has become enriched by working with animals so deeply since 2015, extending my compassion to all beings.  However, I could never quite get over my fear of spiders.  I was guided at Westerner Days many moons ago to address my fear and take the opportunity to connect with this being.  To my amazement the energy of the spider was so peaceful, loving and soft.  It changed me in that moment and now, when I see a spider I lovingly say hello and view them in a completely different light

Encounter with a Dragonfly

Red Deer

One of my cats unfortunately went after this dragonfly and injured it wings to the point it could no longer fly.  I sat with it for many hours providing Reiki healing and wishing I could save it.  The dragonfly told me nothing could be done to just sit with him as slipped away, so I did.  Once he had passed, I buried him in my garden with an amethyst crystal.  It was sad, but also enlightening to get to connect with a dragonfly this deeply.  I have never seen one this big since that day.  

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