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Hello and welcome to my site!  I am a Wellness Professional offering healing modalities to produce a pain free, productive life where my clients, both 2-legged and 4-legged finally have the answers to their health issues and a roadmap to preventative care.  I do this in person at my home office in Red Deer, Alberta and through distance work.

  • Are you looking for pain relief?  Have you tried everything but nothing is giving you the results you want?  Do you suffer from migraines, skin afflictions or digestive issues?   Do you want to understand what is happening inside your body?  

  • Do you have an aging pet that you want to support naturally?  Does your pet have mobility issues?  Do you want to understand your pets behavior?  Are you concerned about your pets health?  

  • bioenergetic feedback assessments 
  • customized supportive health plans
  • herbals and homeopathies 
  • energetic supplement evaluations  
  • pets included 
  • efficient results  
  • loyalty rewards 
  • client care

Jenn is so heartfelt and genuinely cares about my dog. Our boxer Jemma suffers from allergies and was so itchy all the time. She would chew her paws and scratch her ears until they bled. We had Biofeedback done on Jemma and put her on the drops. We noticed improvement within 2 weeks. Jemma was no longer chewing her paws and they were actually white, not red and inflamed. We have tried all different options but have found these scans and drops work the best. Thank you so much for everything you do Jenn. Much love!!!

Megan M 

I had a QEST4 Biofeedback session and all I can say is WOW!! Everyone should have this done. Take your health into your own hands; with this QEST4 session you won't be disappointed!

Santana F

Jenn is amazing! I highly recommend both the reiki and communication. She has been seeing my dog for some behavior issues and general wellbeing. I have never felt so close to my dog, our relationship has deepened so much. I have a better understanding of what she needs. She now listens to me on our walks and has improved her barking issues. She is calmer and much happier. All animals need more people like Jenn!

Michelle B

The contents of this website are not intended as substitutes for professional medical care for people or their animals. I do not diagnose conditions, treat disease or interfere with the treatment of a medical professional or licensed veterinarian. When seeking help with any medical condition for you or your animal, always consult a doctor, veterinarian, or other licensed health care provider.