Jennifer Dawson 

Wellness Solutions for People & Their Pets 


Do you have a pet...

That you are transitioning 
into your home and family? 
Experiencing stress and anxiety?
With mobility issues or is in pain and appears to be in discomfort?
Displaying behavioral concerns?  

Peeing or pooping on the carpet or not using the litter box?

Who seems depressed or grieving?

Hi, I am Jennifer...

I am a Biofeedback Therapist, Animal Communicator and Animal Reiki Healer operating in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. I am able to serve people and their pets from any location through distance and remote sessions.  I am passionate about helping people and their pets live pain free, productive,  happy lives while providing a roadmap to prevention.  I support people and their pets by using biofeedback therapy, Animal Reiki & Telepathic Animal Communication, sometimes in combination.  

I enjoy creating loving relationships and bringing harmony to the home through Animal Communication and Reiki healing, and providing pet parents substantial evidence of what is going on with their pets health through biofeedback therapy while offering  holistic treatment that gets profound results.  

To date I have helped hundreds of animals become more confident, be heard, release their anxiety, heal from their wellness challenges, while transforming the human-animal relationship.

See how I can best serve you & your animal loved ones 

I help people and their pets better understand each other and gain solutions to their problems, and facilitate the healing process while transforming the human-animal relationship.  

Just like people, animals need and want to understand what is happening in their world. This can be achieved by explaining things in a clear and comforting way and finding out the reasons behind our pets behaviours and emotions.  

This gives pet parents the information they need to support their pets and to make any changes necessary. 

Toxins, parasites, and pathogens have their own specific frequency that the body can tattle on.  

Many people don't realize that thoughts and emotions have their own frequencies too. 
Your pet reacts to the environment, treatment, events, and the emotions of owners and household members.  Your pet can even harbor your negative attitudes!  

A comprehensive biofeedback evaluation will give you the leads and clues you need to support and understand your pet better, and provide you with a roadmap to prevention using only a hair sample. 

Video Testimonial - Murphy & Rocky 


Jenn is so heartfelt and genuinely cares about my dog. Our boxer Jemma suffers from allergies and was so itchy all the time. She would chew her paws and scratch her ears until they bled. We had Biofeedback done on Jemma and put her on the drops. We noticed improvement within 2 weeks. Jemma was no longer chewing her paws and they were actually white, not red and inflamed. We have tried all different options but have found these scans and drops work the best. Thank you so much for everything you do Jenn. Much love!

Megan Miller
Lacombe, Alberta 


Animal Reiki and Communication
Jenn is amazing! I highly recommend both the reiki and communication. She has been seeing my dog for some behavior issues and general wellbeing. I have never felt so close to my dog, our relationship has deepened so much. I have a better understanding of what she needs. She now listens to me on our walks and has improved her barking issues. She is calmer and much happier. All animals need more people like Jenn!

Michelle Bobinski
Red Deer, Alberta

See how I can best serve you & your animal loved ones